Owners: why with us?

The idea is very simple: we can help you on the online distribution to increase your profit and give you more time to focus on your apartment and guests as owner.

Jonathan review

Fabio Rivalta

Owner - Como Lakeside Cottage
Working with Lake Como Rentals gave me a boost of +34% the 2nd year and even during 2020 my net revenue was positive. I can focus on the maintenance of the apartment and the relationship with the guest, leaving distribution to a specialist.

Pay only in case of reservations

We will boost your listings and online visibility for free, pay a % based on results!

No Exclusivity

Close your calendar if needed, sell directly, leave anytime free.


We work with you as a team to boost your listing: feedback and suggestions are reciprocal.

What we do

What we don't

  • Help you with Online Travel Agencies
  • Improve performances in Google
  • Build a Social Media Strategy
  • Boost and Manage Reservations
  • Give you reports and data
  • Guide you on new procedures, tech advices and solutions
  • Help you with Apartment Issues
  • Do the check-in for you
  • Be a contact for guests after check-in
  • Manage taxes and bureaucracy

You are owners, we are consultant. You will continue to manage your apartment, we will improve your performances and you will pay a percentage based on that.