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Where should I list my vacation rental?

Why should I list my property on different platforms? It is risky?

The answer is easy, because is demonstrated that selling through different channels increase occupancy and average daily rates.

According to listings distributed on different Oline Travel Agencies have an average occupancy of 21 days per month (vs 16.5 Airbnb only).

Differentiation is key also because every channel can increase your possibilities to receive bookings from different markets (ex. VRBO is strong in US, Airbnb can help you with domestic travelers). 

What about overbooking and platforms management?

Managing different platforms takes time and accuracy, to avoid overbookings and increase net income during high demand period. Working “on request” is not recommended, you should be able to change rates and conditions often to improve your conversion and raking in different channels. 

Depending on your current situation you can choose Ical or a software (Channel Manager) to manage online distribution.

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